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    I heart being vegan's beginnings

    The concept for the I heart being vegan bands came out of the need to figure out how to raise money for films (docos, webisodes etc) that are sharing an important message or educating the public on a particular topic relating to animals, social justice issues or the environment.

    In 2005 I embarked on a journey in which I directed and produced a feature documentary called A Delicate Balance. It took me just over 3 years to bring that production to life and in 2008 I released the film independently to the Australian public and in 2009 to the United States. The US tour spanned a number of universities some of which I had gone to 3 years earlier to interview the professors and doctors in various departments or research units. Some of these included Harvard University, Cornell, Brown, Princeton and a number of other universities.

    Before this time I enterered ADB into about 80 film festivals around the world. Out of the 80 the film was a accepted into about 4 or 5 festivals all up.

    I made the film out of a passion for wanting to share much needed information about health and how a plant based diet free of meat and dairy would not only improve human health but also is less energy intensive on the environment and use of water and agricultural land. I self funded the film with a combination of my own savings, borrowing from a few friends and family and used my credit cards (I know the rule that you're never meant to fund your own film this way but I just felt I needed to get this information out there to the public).

    So hence the reason to figure out an alternative way to fund future philm (not a misspelling) projects.

    It is also a medium to plug veganism and talk about issues such as palm oil that I want to bring up.

    Currently I am in production on a webseries called Orange Refugee which is about palm oil and how palm plantations are affecting Orangutans and other animals who's home is being torn and burnt down. Keep an eye on this website for more details to come on this project. Also if you're vegan and proud to show it please consider purchasing a band or two to help contribute to this project.

    Thank you to everyone who has helped so far.

    Aaron Scheibner

    Phoenix Philms


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